"The Y Factor - Quilts by Men" - Machine Quilting Unlimited, Madison, WI; January/February, 2015
This compendium of quilts by people who happen to be men included my piece Solid Golds as well as a short description written by me.

"On View: Kent Williams" - Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI; December 15, 2015
This is a short feature article stemming from my show at the Madison Public Library's Diane Endres Ballweg gallery.

A profile of me that appeared in Isthmus, a weekly newspaper based in Madison, WI.

Color Play - C&T Publishing, Lafayette, CA; 2014
Joen Wolfrom featured a number of my quilts in this new edition of her popular book about the use of color in quilting

"Bits, Binary Code, and Patterns: The Quilts of Kent Williams" - American Quilter, Paducah, Kentucky; January, 2013
This profile of my work as a quilter appeared in the magazine published by the American Quilter's Society.

"Art Quilting with Kent Williams" - Nancy Zieman, The Blog, July 5, 2012
This blog-post interview accompanied my appearance on Nancy Zieman's popular PBS show "Sewing with Nancy."

"Optical Art Quilting" - Integrative Project Thesis, University of Michigan, School of Art and Design; April 18, 2012
In this thesis paper for an art class, Allyson Zelinkski used my work as an example of quilt artists who make use of optical-art principles.

From the Pastor (PDF, 1.2Mb) - Sacred Hearts Catholic Church, Sun Prairie, WI; August 5, 2012
In this newsletter message to his parishioners, Msgr. Duane Moellenberndt mentioned the quilted piece that Kent designed for the church's choir-loft stairway. The column includes Kent's own description of Lift Your Voices.

This is an article that appeared in 77 Square, an arts and entertainment supplement published in Madison by the Wisconsin State Journal and the Capital Times.

This is an interview Kent gave to Art City, an entertainment blog that appears on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's website,

This is a slide show of an exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, which Kent's quilt, Sine Me Up, was part of.

Art Quilting with Kent Williams - Nancy Zieman's Blog, Beaver Dam, WI; October 8, 2010
Nancy Zieman wrote about Kent's work after his appearance on her PBS show, "Sewing with Nancy."

Three Voices 2010 (PDF, 0.7Mb) - Quilt Visions Newsletter, San Diego, CA; Spring, 2010
This is a description of the three-person show Kent appeared in at Visions Art Quilt Gallery, May 7-July 25, 2010.

Exploring Semiotic Remediation as Discourse Practice - edited by Paul A. Prior and Julie A. Hengst - Palgrave Macmillan - 2010
Kent's quilt, Caseville, August 3, 8:53 p.m., appears on the cover.

Spring Forward - The Chicago Collection, Chicago, IL; Spring, 2010
This gallery round-up included a brief review of Kent's quilts at the Vale Craft Gallery

Stops along the Summer Quilt Trail - The Wall Street Journal, New York, NY; May 23, 2009
An article about Quilt National 2009, which included a work by Kent Williams.

An article about Quilt National 2009 that appeared in the Ohio University student newspaper. It included a quote by Kent Williams.

Quilt National 2009 - A Review -; June 4, 2009
This blog review included a reference to Kent's piece, Take Five, which the author called one of her personal favorites.

A feature story about an invitational show that included two quilts by Kent Williams.

Real Men Don't Quilt - Or Do They? (PDF, 1.2Mb) - Isthmus, Madison, WI; September 16, 2005
A personal essay about being a male quilter, this article appeared in Isthmus, a weekly newspaper based in Madison, WI.